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The Association engages in numerous market research initiatives on behalf of its members in partnership with prestigious research institutes. Presenting the results of these surveys in meetings provides an opportunity for in-depth discussion and the exchange of experiences on the matters concerned. The survey reports are made available to our members in the Association database. Assofin also participates in large in-depth studies with specialist partners which are available on subscription. The main ongoing and periodic research studies carried out by the Association are outlined below.

Assofin-Crif-Prometeia Observatory on Retail Credit

Assofin has been a partner for over fifteen years in the Observatory on Retail Credit, in collaboration with Crif and Prometeia, which publishes two volumes per year of in-depth analysis on the characteristics of and market trends in Italy's household credit sector, while also comparing it with the international scenario. The Observatory provides a detailed analysis of the consumer credit and mortgage sectors, complete with risk analyses and an analysis of the outlook for the household credit market and related risk ratio trends.

Assofin-Crif Decisions Solutions-GfK Observatory on Credit Cards

This annual publication is the product of over a decade's work with Crif and GfK, providing an operating tool for financial players that provides a detailed analysis of credit card supply and demand, targets, still-untapped business potential and the most significant development scenarios. The Observatory provides a detailed study of the payment card market in Italy, with a special focus on revolving/option cards, locating it in an international context, analysing risk levels and examining current and potential demand, based on the information gathered from holders and non-holders of the different types of payment cards.


The Consumer Credit Index (CCI) is a new six-monthly market survey carried out by the GfK Institute, which provides a series of consumer sentiment indicators regarding intentions to purchase goods and services in the twelve- month period following the survey date, and the propensity to finance these purchases. The CCI is thus a valuable tool for consumer credit operators that helps them plan their marketing and business growth strategies.

Consumer Credit Client Research

An annual market research survey by GfK on the consumer credit perceptions and experiences of a representative sample of the Italian population. The main aims of this qualitative and quantitative survey are to analyse the distribution of consumer credit, verify the level of use, provide profiles of users and non-users of the different loan products and identify any drivers or barriers to their use. This annual survey also contains a brief examination of the methods of communication adopted and an analysis of the pool of potential consumer credit customers.

Consumer Credit Dealer Research

Market survey carried out by GfK every two years on affiliated merchant perceptions of consumer credit. The survey monitors basic consumer credit merchant information and relays the views of “operators in the sector” who have acquired a detailed picture of the strong and weak points of consumer credit services thanks to their direct contact with end customers.

Mortgage Survey

Annual market survey by GfK on the mortgage perceptions and use patterns of a representative sample of the Italian population. The primary aims of this qualitative and quantitative survey are to provide a detailed profile of the households/individuals with residential mortgages in Italy, and the reasons behind their choices. The survey also considers the future potential of this lending instrument, surveying people who have never taken out a mortgage and identifying the reasons and factors that influenced their decision.

Benchmark Analysis

This survey, carried out in partnership with KPMG Advisory, enables our members to make valid comparisons based on the main financial, efficiency/effectiveness and corporate cost indicators and business model trends. The survey is carried out annually using financial statement information and a questionnaire created by the technical partner and shared with Assofin. Only members of the Association who have contributed data can access the results of this survey.

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