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Assofin institutional relations

Assofin is the natural and regular partner in dialogue of legislative authorities, government bodies and national and international regulators as the representative of the leaders in Italy's household credit sector in terms both of market share and quality of service provided.

Thanks to our broad membership base and extensive market coverage, our acknowledged professionalism, expertise and authoritative role, Assofin is able to represent the sector's interests effectively at every stage of the legislative and regulatory processes in Italy and at European level.

Assofin has for many years been a respected and reliable source of sector opinion, information and statistics for the regulatory authorities, administrative and government bodies, Parliament and lawmakers.

The Association's position papers and commentaries on major laws and regulations are prepared in conjunction with the relevant specialist Technical Committees under the direct supervision of the Association, ensuring every position taken is the result of a balanced process in which different points of view have been taken into account.

The Association is regularly invited to sit on committees, commissions and working tables set up by the Authorities to draft new regulatory frameworks. Our detailed participation in consultation processes and ongoing dialogue with lawmakers ensures we are able to constantly represent the views of the household credit sector.

Assofin draws on its own internal resources in the performance of these activities and also on expert consultants in communications and public and institutional relations. Belonging to leading Italian and international associations such as the Italian Banking Association (ABI) and European Federation of Finance House Associations (Eurofinas) allows us to strengthen and extend our activities as a partner in dialogue.

Assofin has always prioritised stakeholder relations and productive dialogue with the main consumer organisations, such that this has become one of the distinctive characteristics of the Association. Our sharing of views on legislative provisions with a view to resolving any collective disputes has likewise become an established tradition for over a decade. The same focus on resolving disputes and commitment to accurate information and high quality standards can be seen in our membership the Bank and Financial Arbitration Council, the Institute of Advertising Self-Regulation and the Italian National Standards Institute.

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