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Assofin Statistical Reports

One of Assofin's core activities is to provide statistical data on the sectors we represent, monitoring market trends and helping to build greater understanding. The results of our statistical research are presented in the reports of two research centres, the “Assofin Research Centre on Consumer Credit” and the “Research Centre on Residential Mortgage Lending”, which are published frequently and made available to their contributors on the Association’s database.

The Statistical Reports carry out monthly, quarterly and annual statistical surveys with differing degrees of detail, and publish them just one month after the end of each period concerned. They are distinguished by the wealth of information provided, including data on sector risk, regional data, mode of distribution, and loans granted to customers outside Italy. The Statistical Reports publications accompany the statistical tables with commentaries that complete their analyses of the data with indicators and data provided by other national and international bodies, making them unique analytical tools due to the comprehensive and meaningful information provided and the promptness with which they are published.

The Association also collaborates with the European Eurofinas Federation to generate European statistics on household credit, produced with the contribution of its different national member associations and published on a quarterly basis.

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