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The Association

Assofin is the association of Italy's major players in the household credit sector, founded in January 1992 by nine companies operating in the consumer credit and mortgage markets. Our membership has grown rapidly over the years and currently numbers 65 companies that account for a large part of the consumer credit and mortgage market in Italy.
Our members are all established Italian and International market leaders by assets and market share, with solid shareholder bases testifying to their professionalism and reliability.

In representing its members, Assofin – which is a member of the Italian Banking Association (ABI) and has a seat on its Board alongside other associations – contributes to appointing one its representatives. Assofin is likewise active at an international level as a member of Eurofinas, the European Federation of Finance House Associations.
Assofin works to provide a platform for exchanging know-how and to coordinate operators in the sector.

Its principal objectives are:

Assofin launches joint initiatives, establishes guidelines of conduct and creates opportunities for sharing experience and identifying common problems.

Assofin represents its members in contacts with the authorities and promotes a constant dialogue with administrative and legislative bodies.

Assofin produces and provides its members with a wide spectrum of statistical information on the performance of sectors of interest (Assofin Observatory) together with a range of legal, tax and administrative information services as well as consultancy on matters of common interest through its internal commissions and with the aid of external professionals and consultants.

The Association is committed to transparency and increasing the public's understanding of household credit, acting as an reliable source of information for consumers and the media, and as a point of reference for the resolution of any problems and disputes of a general nature, providing in-depth information and clarification.

We have launched a number of initiatives to this end, fostering transparency and clarity for consumers.

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